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Rig Mounting System – DIY


Our mounting system to mount peripherals to your Rig.

Over 60+ individual parts (so far) for various mounting positions and angles.

Rig Mounting System – DIY


Rig Mounting System (SSRMS)

Our mounting system to mount peripherals to your Rig.

Over 60+ individual parts (so far) for various mounting positions and angles. We will continue to be expanding to this library, and your license grants you 1 year of access to all updates.

  • Small and Medium series
    • Small series is a 16 spoke design (more flexible positioning) and is suitable for lightweight items
    • Medium series is a 12 spoke design, easier to print (less small features) and thicker with less flex to support larger items over longer reaches
  • Various Rig Mount Attachments
    • Designs for attaching to 15, 20, and 40 series extrusions, inline and perpendicular to the rail. Also a screw on mount for wood or wall mounts.
  • Various arms, and adapters
    • Several length options to choose from, a double arm option with cross beam for additional rigidity, and an elbow to allow for different angle adjustments.
  • Screw on mounts
    • Several rectangular and square pattern attachments for attaching to peripherals.

Available as DIY Models Package or Printed Parts Package

  • The DIY Design comes with all the models and a 1 year subscription to any updates.
  • Several options for printed parts packages in your choice of color. If you need a specific set of parts not offered in one of the packages please contact us and we will put together a custom package for you.

For all DIY Designs you are purchasing a license for your personal use of the design file(s) including updates to those files for 1 year (365 days).

Scope – Your Personal Use ONLY

This license covers ONLY your personal use. Simply, you may use the file(s) to build the product for yourself to use as the end user.

The license is non-transferable, you may not share any of the files with any other party.

File(s) is defined as any content that is part of the downloaded package you received with your purchase. This includes but is not limited to: 3d Models, Assembly Guides, Renderings, Bill of Materials, Gcode, and any portion of the files downloaded.

Any other use is prohibited without explicit written permission. Some examples (but not limited to):

  • You may not make money using the design in any way.
  • You may not sell or offer for free printed parts of the design.
  • You may not sell or give away completed versions of the product.
  • You may not sell or offer a collection of BOM materials targeted at builders of the product.
  • You may not build additional copies or print parts as gifts for friends.
  • You may not “remix” or use any portion of the design to create and offer your own version either for sale or free.

Disappointed or not sure? Reach out!

We spend a lot of time on these designs and a lot of waste testing until we get the best result. We offer them for sale at a very reasonable price to recoup this cost, and yes, we are a for profit business. For us to stay in business, we need your help protecting our Intellectual Property and honoring this license.

That being said, we are very reasonable people, especially if you reach out and ask!

  • If you have a commercial idea, we are always happy to partner for a win-win situation.
  • If you have built your design, but decided you no longer need it and want to sell it, send us a message. If you were unhappy with the product we want to make that right, but we understand if you just no longer have a need and want to recoup your costs. We will grant, at our discretion, permission as a one time activity to sell the completed product and voluntarily revoke your license to build another. It only takes a minute to send us a message, and if we stumble on your listing before you have contacted us, we will treat the situation very differently.
  • If you have a situation that is unique, just reach out and ask!

Other terms

Duration of the license may be increased by us at our discretion. For example, if we find a bug we want to address, we may extend or even reactivate expired licenses to make it right.

We implement methods of electronic traceability in files downloaded from our site, these tracking elements do not contain any of your private data, however, some elements allow for traceability to the original order. In the event we find a violation of this license we will use this and any other means to pursue the violator to the fullest extent allowable by law.

If you find what you believe to be a violation of this license, please contact us, at our sole discretion we may issue a reward in the form of discounts, payments, or free products.