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Sim Racing

Browse our DIY Designs, Products, and Services

DIY Print and Build yourself Designs

We provide you with STL files, Bill of Materials, Sourcing Guide, and assembly Instructions to complete your sim racing rig components.

Design and Printing Services

Need something custom? Don’t have access to a 3D Printer or CNC? No Problem

Custom Designs

Got something special? Commercial Application? Just need something specific to fit your rig? Tell us about it, we’ll give you a quote for design and/or fabrication work!

Design Mods

Need help modifying one of our or other designs? We’re happy to help, contact us today.

Printing /Fab Service

Just need something printed or CNC? We can help you there. Our shop has capabilities for multiple materials and multi color prints, CNC, metal work, hydro dipping, and much more.


Our first design sold as a complete product or DIY Design. A small DDU with 4.3″ VoCore screen, a single LED and 6 way switch / encoder.

Coming Soon

Several new designs in the works, bigger HDMI screens, modular button boxes, rig mounts, and something big we are keeping under wraps!